Sunday, December 7, 2008

Opening Day

We did it!  
On Saturday, the LB Pop Up Shop made a delightful debut at the Art Theatre on 4th Street as part of the Annual 4th Street Holiday Open House.  

I'm happy to report that all the work it took to produce our little project was proven well worth the time and effort -- both by the fun we had seeing it all come together and by the enthusiastic reactions we received from the wonderful shoppers and passers-by we met during the day.  

I feel truly good in saying that we made a lot of folks smile yesterday, including ourselves. 

I could go on, but in my pleasant post-Pop Up haze I think it's best to let the pictures tell the story. But before I knock off for today, I will encourage everyone to pop on in for our next Pop Up at the Art Theatre this Sunday from noon to 6pm.  We're adding even more new treasures this week and we wouldn't want you to miss them. 

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