Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We’re So Happy You’ve Popped In!

Welcome to the LB Pop Up Shop blog.

We're the Long Beach Poperatives, a group of local artisans, trend spotters and all-around smart shoppers on a mission to share the kinds of "where did you get that...?" items that we especially enjoy. Through LB Pop Up Shop, we'll bring you all of your new favorite treasures; most created locally, and all creatively cool.

We thrive on the unexpected. We'll offer up our goods with a dash of surprise and delight, in a way that makes people look forward to their next LB Pop Up Shop encounter. When you see us, it won't be in your typical retail setting, and it will be for a limited time. And we promise you: we'll never be the same Pop Up twice.

In between Pop Ups, we'll keep the good energy going through this blog. We'll chat. We'll give you clues as to where we'll Pop Up next. And we'll tell you about the special and unusual things we've come upon that we think should be on your radar, too. We invite you to do the same for us.

LB Pop Up Shop debuts at the 4th Street Holiday Open House on December 6th, 2008. We've teamed with the wonderful folks at the Art Theatre (If you haven't been since the reopening, go. Today. You'll thank us for the tip.) to plan a handful of Pop Ups that we hope will give you a whole new outlook on holiday shopping. Unless you love it already. In which case you'll want to marry it once you get a load of us!

Full details will follow. We hope to see you there.

Warmest Wishes,

The Long Beach Poperatives

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